Farmer Kitchen Sinks 101

If you are looking to customize your home, particularly your kitchen, you probably have heard of farmer kitchen sinks. But what exactly is a farmer kitchen sink?


It is a traditional style kitchen sink that has two important features: function and style. Farmer kitchen sinks are considered convenient because of their size and design. Most of them sit right up to your belly which is the opposite of most kitchen sinks that are set several inches from the counter edge. This gives better access to the sink and health-wise, it is easier on the user’s back.


Now you might wonder what style has got to do with “tradition” but surprisingly, a lot of farmer kitchen sinks are now offered in a variety of stylish, rustic-modern designs. The design is also customizable—good news for the chic and hip folks.


Below are the usual types and features of farmer kitchen sinks.


Farmhouse kitchen sink with drainboard


This type of sink is usually constructed with a porcelain-enameled cast iron that is both classic and durable. Most of the designs are presented in a pristine, elegant white finish with either a single tub or double tub option. The most important feature however is the existence of a drain board which you can use to drain newly washed dining tools and equipment.


The good news is you can also get it customized. You may opt to change the color (if you are not too fond of white), the design and even the material.


Apron kitchen sinks


Also known as apron front sinks, these charmers can be both stylish and practical. The main feature of an apron kitchen sink is the deep bowl, which makes it a lot easier to clean large kitchen equipment such as large pots and pans. They also come in a variety of designs, materials and capacity and you have the option to choose which type will suit you and your kitchen best.




Copper farmhouse sinks


Copper farmhouse kitchen sinks can surely add a vintage look to your kitchen. The copper color and material makes the sink antique-looking and classy and you even have the option to have it handcrafted. Furthermore, it is said to have anti-bacterial properties which is perfect for those who desire a more hygienic kitchen sink.


Porcelain kitchen sinks


Most porcelain kitchen sinks come in an elegant white finish, but you may opt to have it in your favorite design or pattern. The only downside is that they are susceptible to stains and chipping if not treated properly. Otherwise, they can bring a certain classic, quaint, neat look in any kitchen.


Double bowl farmhouse sink


This type of sink can be convenient for folks who want flexibility in their kitchen. The double bowl feature can be used to wash different types of kitchen tools and equipment at the same time. You can also have two people use the sink if you have twin faucets as well. However, double bowl farmhouse sinks can compromise space so make sure you allot a bigger space for your sink in your kitchen.


36 farmhouse sink


These sinks are 36 inches in size and are mostly available in stainless steel material. The deep basins can accommodate large dishes and other kitchen equipment with ease. They are perfect for big kitchens and for food businesses.


Farmer kitchen sinks come in different designs, sizes, materials and function. Since there is a wide variety to choose from, it is important that you choose wisely depending on your budget, kitchen size and purpose.