Mounting Styles for Apron Front Kitchen Sinks

The availability of mounting style choices for an apron front kitchen sink is one of the important things to consider when having it installed. It can spell a big difference in expense, convenience, and durability when you install using the wrong mounting style.


Undermount Sinks

A bottom-mount, also known as an undermount farmhouse sink, is aptly called as it is built below the surface of the countertop.


  • PROS: The biggest strength of having an undermount farmhouse sink is the easy and convenient way of cleaning, since its position – found under the countertop – makes it ideal for brushing the crumbs or splashes of water on the countertop into the sink. Busy families that are always on the go will find this a very convenient way to go.
  • CONS: Its biggest disadvantage would be due to its position – under the countertop – as well. For one, it is not a cheap farmhouse kitchen sink option since it does not fit a good variety of materials that are typically used in countertops, such as sinks that are self-rimming. It is not a DIY project that can be handled by a non-professional homeowner and the countertops have to be made out of marble or granite. Cheap materials are also not suited for this kind of mounting. A self-rimming sink should have a sink that is a little higher, which would be a bit pricey to install.


Top-Mounted Sinks

On the other hand, the top-mounted, also known as a self-rimming sink, is another aptly named method that is installed on top of the countertop. The biggest strength of an undermount kitchen sink is also the biggest weakness of a top mounted kitchen sink; and its biggest weakness is the biggest advantage of the undermount sink.


Other Options

The other mounting installations are the tiled-in and the apron-front styles. The farmhouse sink is an apron front kitchen sink which is popularly used in kitchens with a country theme because of its vintage farmhouse sink style and look.


Kitchen sinks using the tiled-in style, otherwise known as flush mounted, are blended together with the material used on the countertop to give a seamless harmony from the sink to the countertop. Using a porcelain farmhouse sink with this type of mounting should also have the same countertop material for them to blend to a seamless finish.




In a nutshell, always remember that it is more practical to spend on a farmhouse sink that may be expensive to install but will eventually pay off in spades in terms of durability, convenience, aesthetics, and satisfaction that you get in the long run. It is one of the most important things to have in the kitchen that can give you the most convenient use while preparing and cooking food for the family. Making the kitchen look fabulous and stylish as well is an added benefit that can give you a warm feeling of having made the right decision, and at the same time impressing your guests and household.