Quirky Kitchen Farmhouse Sink Ideas for the Stylish Peeps

So you’re furnishing your very own pad for the first time. This is exciting and especially thrilling if you are on your own, since you have the first (and only) dibs on what to put in it. This includes personalizing your kitchen, even your very own kitchen sink.


Nowadays, farm house kitchen sinks are seen as stylish and hip despite its traditional origin. There are a variety of farmhouse sinks for kitchens available including porcelain sinks, granite sinks, apron front farmhouse sinks, stainless steel farmhouse sinks and copper sinks. You can even get a discount; farmhouse sinks sold at selected showrooms are sometimes offered at a lower price if there are ongoing promotions.


But the best thing about having your own place is designing it the way you want. This means having the luxury to customize your farmhouse sink to match your mood and character. Here are some quirky farmhouse sink ideas that can help you decide on your unique sink design.


The Tim Burton farmhouse sink


Imagine being in Tim Burton’s world, where up can be down, forward can be backward, and sinks can become, well, anything else. If you are the type of person who worships quirky like it’s a religion, then this farmhouse sink design is the right one for you.


A Tim Burton farmhouse sink can be a deep, wide spiral or maze-like sink where water can flow not just from top to bottom, but in circles, waves or lines. However, this can compromise function so make sure you have a big enough space to accommodate the odd design and basic functionality. Of course, you may need to customize the surrounding areas as well, so plan your budget first hand. Otherwise, this can be the perfect farmhouse sink for folks with wild imaginations.


Convertible farmhouse sinks


A lot of things have dual or even multiple functions now, and farmhouse sinks are no exception. Imagine having a farmhouse sink that serves dual or multiple functions. These can range from a standard sink to an extra counter space, storage space, table top and food strainer. Instead of having just a single or double-tub farmhouse sink, why not get a 3 or 4-tub sink, depending on the purpose? You can even have it customized to have a cover if you want to convert it into an extra counter space, storage space or table top. This is perfect for singletons who are looking to maximize their kitchen space or for studio type pads. You can also convert one side of the sink into a food washer/strainer with its own faucet for the ultimate convenience.


Of course, with these customizations you’ll need to shell out more cash than usual. But if you are looking for long-term convenience, then this option is good for you regardless of the cost involved.


The steampunk farmhouse kitchen sink


The 19th-century industrial-powered machinery geeks will love this type of farmhouse sink. Imagine having a solid copper farmhouse sink styled the steampunk way, with a rustic, dual-function (hot, cold) faucet with multiple or seemingly endless number of pipes. You can even add other steampunk décor to the sink such as a steam pressure gauge or a sink faucet knob with a steampunk watch movement design. You can even customize your farmhouse sink to look like a big, living “sink watch” (if there is such) by making the sink transparent, showcasing the magnificent steampunk clockwork gear. It may seem odd, yes, but definitely unique and interesting.


These are just some quirky farmhouse kitchen sink ideas for the creative folks who would like a different take on standard farmhouse sinks. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which design best fits your style and character.