Spruce Up Your Home with these Creative Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

A country-style kitchen with a modern twist has been trending lately in the work of home designers, homeowners, and avid enthusiasts who love the rustic charm that it can give. In the past, granite farm kitchen sinks were the order of the day and the deep basin design was practical.


Those days of old kitchen farm sinks designers knew what they were doing when they created those huge bowls that could practically swallow every kitchen utensil and give an elegant touch at the same time.


Downsides of the Design

Contemporary times did away with these sinks, thinking them to be huge and bulky, and instead made streamlined designs fit for the image of a modern kitchen. The downsides to the modern design were the food and water splatters that could even reach the floor because of the shallow basins that were used. They were not also made of durable material, which made it imperative to change them as soon as leaks and cracks start to form.


This paved the way to going back to the basics, like the farm kitchen sinks of olden times, which are now designed to fit any contemporary kitchen. There was a rush to buy refurbished farmhouse sinks for sale when the design was first conceived. However, a downside to the refurbished kitchen farm sinks was the presence of cracks brought by prolonged usage.


New and Improved Sink Designs

The advent of some of the best brands to create their own version of these sinks paved the way for homeowners to buy brand new country kitchen sinks that fit their style and preference. This type of sink is now available in different composites and materials that are basically used for kitchen sinks, such as fireclay, cast iron, copper, stainless steel, bronze, vitreous china, marble, travertine, and onyx, while some are carved in a single block from natural stones such as soapstone, granite, and limestone.


Refurbished and Restored Sinks

There are homeowners who like to challenge themselves by looking for restored farmhouse sinks for sale that were made and styled during the early 20th century. These could be great, however, the thing that has to be considered when buying these restored farmhouse kitchen sinks would be their unique plumbing, which may not work with modern plumbing installations.


A Wide Variety of Options

The sinks are available either as single bowl or double farmhouse sinks. The spacious design of the basins that are 17 inches deep, with widths up to 33 inches, will be a comfortable way to prepare food, clean large pots and pans, or use for toiletry needs. The style and design of the apron front kitchen sinks will also work with any design, d├ęcor, and color in the kitchen or bathroom that will lend a warm, welcoming, and homey touch to these rooms.



Whatever your style and preference, there are many choices available. These farmhouse kitchen sinks will surely make your kitchens (or even bathrooms!) look stylish and sophisticated while creating a country-style design at the same time.